Announcing the NetRexx 3.02 Release Candidate 1

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Announcing the NetRexx 3.02 Release Candidate 1

Rene Jansen
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At release candidate 1 of the NetRexx 3.02 release is available for immediate downloading. I would like to ask you to take some time to assist us in testing this release candidate in your own environment; the development team would like to release NetRexx version 3.02 at the 15th of April 2013 when no showstoppers are found. The new features of this release can be found at .

The NetRexx project of RexxLA would like to thank Kermit Kiser for his hard work for the NetRexx community in this release, and the NetRexx Language Architecture board for the meticulous discussion of every proposal.

Repeat visitors to the website will notice that looks different. The original site was made using technology that enabled the project to have something quickly, but was not satisfactory in the long run, apart from its tools being proprietary in nature.

This has been corrected in the new site, that will form the base on which we will be going forward. There will be much more to see shortly, but this release seemed the right moment for the switch.

The new site is "Powered by NetRexx". This seems only appropriate; the first results are very positive; the old site ran for some time already on the new technology, but through the switch to the new site all active content now is scripted in NetRexx; because of this, the site now has 'continuous integration' (automated builds of the latest NetRexx version) and shows always the most up-to-date documentation and examples. For the future, the NetRexx users that want to try out a new feature that is not yet released, can use the 'automatic build' version of the translator. This is akin to the 'nightly build' most modern open source language tools offer, but in the case of NetRexx, there is an automatic build scheduled every 15 minutes, with the report of the test suite attached.

The new technology introduced here is "NetRexx server pages" - for this reason the file extension for the web pages is '.nsp'. On the next symposium this simple, no-configuration web server will be demonstrated. On a personal note, I wish that I switched to this long ago - the pages are simple hand-edited html using css exclusively, and the active content running on the server is simple NetRexx code that heavily uses the 'properties indirect' facility of the language processor. This made it possible to completely ditch the elaborate toolset used previously.

Of course, there will be errors and omissions. Please let us know and we will work on it.

best regards,

René Jansen,
Project Manager, RexxLA NetRexx project.
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Re: Announcing the NetRexx 3.02 Release Candidate 1

May I also  -- on this FORUM -- thank you, Rene, and Kermit as well, for your *excellent work*!

My personal thanks, gelping me so much in my own developments... :-) (still under construction in some datails, sorry :-()