Dateifile dowloaded and sended to excel

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Dateifile dowloaded and sended to excel

Tarek Oudir
Dear Rexx communities,

I started  to learn rexx since 1 month and i
now i have to make Project , so mein Project  we have
To automate 3 application ( one ist Not Microsoftprduct )
is to navigate  through Internet explorer to open source
Webseite and to Download the Datei and to send
The Datei to excel and to send The file in E-Mail
(But Not Microsoft Produkt )

So i Need your help how can i Download the file in Rexx
And how can i send it to excel.

Hier ist the First Part of my Code
myIE = .OLEObject~New("InternetExplorer.Application")
myIE~Width = 454
myIE~Height = 232
Say "Current dimensions of IE are:" myIE~Width "by" myIE~Height
/* set new dimensions and browse IBM homepage */
myIE~Width = 800
myIE~Height = 600
myIE~Visible = .True
/* wait for 10 seconds */
Call SysSleep 10
/* wait for 5 seconds */

Call SysSleep 2

I wait for you answers

Thank you