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Long story there!!
OHara & Gomberg were first with their book (Modern Programming Using REXX) and used the King of Hearts.  My book followed (1st edition, 'blue' cover) and P-H decided to use King of Spades for it .. but (apart from changing colour and the heart to a spade) used the image of the King of Hearts.
Second edition used the 'correct' King of Spades image.  NetRexx went back to the King of Hearts.
Re free-to-use .. you'll have to google.  There are probably Royalty-free variations available.

From: Rony G. Flatscher [via Rexx Language Association Forum] [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: 28 August 2017 15:58
To: mfc
Subject: [RexxLA] Which king for which Rexx ?

Hi there,

wondering which king would be for the original "REXX", the king of spades or the king of hearts?

NetRexx seems to have the king of hearts, so would REXX have the king of spades?

Are there any images that would be free to be used on web sites and in software? If so, where could
one get a hold of them?



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