Rexx API for PCRE2 for z/OS

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Rexx API for PCRE2 for z/OS

Hi all
I am looking for feedback about the implementation of Rexx API for PCRE2 for z/OS.  A lot of work went into that implementation both on design and on actual programming.  Most other implementations of Rexx do already have access to regular expressions.  With this API, John Gateley and I thought both to bring regular expressions into TSO-Rexx and to standardize the API (the calls and the stem structure that is returned).
I would like to get actual feedback including actual usage, criticism and advice so we could improve aon subsequent releases.

The package is BSD licensed (both the original and our contributions) so it usually should not be considered as contaminating your work (the way GPL is thought of) and it could be used both internally and in commercial and other open source software products   PCRE2 was originally chosen for porting because it is quite popular outside of the mainframe and is written in C so it could potentially be used in conjunction with all LE languages.

Rexx needed its own API, but it is now available!

The package could be downloaded from file939

Ze'ev Atlas