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Rene Jansen
Dear RexxLA members,

A happy Easter time to you all!

The 2018 symposium was very enjoyable; spread over two locations on the island of Aruba, several presentations were held on the subjects Classic Rexx, ooRexx and NetRexx. Alexander Seik contributed a talk on ooRexxDoc 5.0, which was released last weekend. Gil Barmwater had a very interesting talk on his implementation of ADDRESS WITH in an external function package, which spurred the ooRexx development team to add this into the language for an upcoming release. Rony Flatscher presented on the new BSF4ooRexx 6.0 and ooRexx user interface patterns.
He also delivered two condensed courses of Rexx and Object Rexx for a local audience. My two talks were on Classic Rexx, the (very) classic VM version (of 1984) that can be found in the MUSIC/SP operating system (which is free for anybody to use at home), and the release plans for NetRexx 3.07 and 4.00 and the respective contents of those versions. Jason Martin contributed a talk on how to use the Apache Pivot GUI library with NetRexx.

All presentations are online on RexxLA.org

Next year, 2019, will be a crown year for Rexx, the king of languages; we will celebrate its 40th year of existence. For this special occasion we are planning to return to the Hursley laboratory near Winchester, England. It would be great if as much of our membership as possible could make it to the symposium. This will also be the 30th International Rexx Language Symposium. For this reason, we will announce the dates very early this time, so you can mark them in your agenda’s and try to make it to the UK. Also, the call for papers will be published early, to gives as much participants as possible the chance to present on the language and their experiences through the years.

We will keep you informed through this list - please start thinking about how you also can join this unique symposium.

best regards,

René Jansen,
President, Rexx Language Association

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